Mes citations douteuses #2

Holà Pablo! So great to hear from you! I love your writings. They’re generous, honest and deep. I so appreciate that. I totally agree with you my dear friend, something is happening in this place called Earth. A bunch of people have reached a high level of consciousness. I’m glad you feel the same in Los Vais Bascos. Love is the key. Let’s face it : the germ of a protest is not really anger neither hate. It’s love! I mean, we can feel it out there. We can actually feel it everywhere : THE vibe. I wonder why some people keep hating each other so much. Hatred makes things so complicated, suffering and absurd. Cynicism and disregard are really dangerous for the human’s mind. I do think anger is vital, though.

Yes, I still Meditate everyday.

Congratz for your music. Thanks for sharing it! It’s GREAT! I’m really happy for you. I make a lot of music myself since my son Mathias was born. I’m currently recording some songs in a Studio in Montreal : I’m so happy about that. Music is the best way to our inner God! I feel so at home with my guitar in my hands… Anywhere feels like home with a guitar…

Hugs and kisses from Montreal!



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